Finally a Gluten Free Commercial Kitchen!

Since this is my first post, I’ll quickly introduce myself and my story. My name is Ray and I’m a serial entrepreneur. “Welcome Ray” I would hear unanimously, if this was a meeting for recurring entrepreneurs, in the iconic “AA” meeting fashion. I come from the IT world with many years of implementing projects across multiple time zones and lines of business. Therefore, I assumed that spinning up a food business would be as quick as spinning up a website and getting it out there … Not quite!

My journey started a while back when my wife who own’s Sunny Batters, a Gluten Free and Dairy Free bakery, started to think about expanding our little Gluten Free cottage bakery into a full commercial production. As many others trying to get their food creations and provide alternative to the mass produced, chemical ridden foods that are commonly available in retail stores. I started exploring what would be needed in the Phoenix metro area to launch our little seedling food company into the commercial landscape. My initial idea was to find a shared commercial kitchen for rent to run our Gluten Free baking business from there. But, there was a big factor, most commercial kitchens for rent are not Gluten Free environments, as a result, we could not get any shared commercial kitchen that could guarantee us that we could have zero cross-contamination with gluten. Gluten containing flours stay airborne for up to 48 hours and adheres to most surfaces. This was not acceptable for the quality that we wanted to bring to our customers, as a result the Freedom Kitchen’s concept was born. A gluten free commercial shared kitchen that removes the gluten cross-contamination possibility and enables you as a food entrepreneur to tell your gluten sensitive and celiac customers, that you care for them and their health by going the extra mile.

Our mission is to provide more than a Gluten Free Commercial Kitchen for other start-ups to operate from, we believe that people need more access to high quality local food. As of now, this type of food is a premium market, much of it is related to the fact that start-ups are faced with a huge overhead burden, lack of good solid partnerships and access to funding.

In conclusion, our objective is to lower the overhead and create a community of all natural, gluten free, high quality products that can reach consumers at their terms. Please contact me if you have any questions or want to share your thoughts. In my next article, I’ll be creating a checklist of all the steps needed to get started as a food entrepreneur for Maricopa County, so you can get out there and join the local food revolution!