Gluten Free Dedicated Incubator Kitchen

We are a Gluten Free food processor facility located in Scottsdale, Arizona that can accommodate multiple tenants and is focused on early-stage wholesale, retail or catering local food business


Gluten Free Shared Kitchen?

Gluten In Commercial Kitchen

If you are preparing food products and labeling them as Gluten Free you should consider the fact that gluten cross contamination puts at risks your customers, specially the Celiac and highly sensitive people. Consider joining Freedom Kitchens and enjoy the peace of mind of working in a totally Gluten Free environment. 

Commercial Kitchen

Commercial Kitchen Prep Station

Cold prepping, Baking Station, Frying ,Grilling everything you need to work on your Gluten Free project. Cold and dry storage is available too. All in a truly Gluten Free Facility.

My Mission

Gluten Free Incubator Kitchen Shared Commercial Kitchen

As a food entrepreneur, looking to start a Gluten Free food business. I faced the reality that regular shared kitchens are not really Gluten Free environments. I’ve created Freedom Kitchen to provide that space where you can grow your business the right way!



Get the added value of telling your customer you operate from a dedicated Gluten Free commercial kitchen